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Sports Collectibles Recently Sold for More than $10,000

San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Ring - $70,000

Hard to believe a player would sell his World Series ring, but an unnamed player of the 2010 world champion San Francisco Giants did just that. Hope he put the $70,000 to good use.

This ring was made by Tiffany and Company and inspired by the New York Giants 1933 World Series ring. The ring is mostly made from white gold. The San Francisco Giants logo with round diamonds is surrounded by two more round diamonds and the words "WORLD CHAMPIONS".

One side of the ring has the year "2010" and towers from the Golden Gate Bridge. The other side of the ring has a ribbon over the World Series trophy.

Inside the band the ring has the results of the Giants victories to become champions: "SFG 3 - ATL 1 SFG 4 - PHI 2 SFG 4 - TEX 1".

1930 World Cup Poster - $20,000

The first World Cup was held in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1930. The home team from Uruguay won the World Cup.

This original poster features a goalie leading to stop a shot to the top corner of the goal.

Dominique Wilkins Jersey - $19,900

Dominique Wilkins, also known as the Human Highlight Reel, is a Hall of Fame basketball player for played for the NBA Atlanta Hawks. Wilkins retired in 1999.

This vintage jersey made by Champion, still with its original tags, sold for an astounding amount.

1904 Olympics Participation Medal - $13,000+

The third Olympic Games, and the first held in the United States, were conducted in St. Louis, Missouri. It was not a popular Olympiad, in an unpopular place, with relatively few athletes participating. Of course, that makes 1904 Olympic memorabilia even more valuable.

This is a bronze Participation Medal from the 1904 Saint Louis Olympic games.

On the front a nude male athlete strides to the right holding a laurel spray, inscriptions are OLYMPIC / GAMES and SAINT / LOUIS at the sides, date and monogram 19 / U.S.A. / 04 below. Small inscription DIEGES & CLUST N.Y. appears at the lowermost border.

On the back is the inscription: 1803 / UNIVERSAL EXPOSITION / COMMEMORATING THE / OLYMPIC GAMES / 1904 / PHYSICAL CULTURE / DEPARTMENT / FREDERICK / J.V. SKIFF / DIRECTOR OF / EXHIBITS, with shields and ivy vines around.


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